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Health and Wellbeing

We offer professional consultations and treatment plans to support your wellbeing. Our local certified practitioners can help you address any health issue or prepare preventative medicine for immune support, energy boosting and increased peace of mind.


Treatments available include: Aromatherapy Massage, Kinesiotape (no hands massage), Cupping, sports injury recovery, Herbal Medicine (tinctures, capsules, teas- after personal consultation), locally produced Flower Remedies, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Qi Quong, Yoga and Reflexology, Meditation and Mindfulness.

Wild craft your own herbal treatments (seasonal) or prepare your own home remedies with specialist guidance- make cream, balm, massage oil, atomiser, learn how to dry herbs for herbal infusion preparations.

Prices vary depending on the treatment desired, starting at £30. Contact us.

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